Microneedling Before and After Care Tips for Effective Results

Microneedling Before and After Care Tips for Effective Results

Collagen induction therapy, often known as microneedling, is one of the world’s most widely used aesthetic procedures. This versatile procedure stimulates the collagen production system in your skin and can fix almost any cosmetic problem. But adequate before- and aftercare are essential for microneedling to be even more effective.

Microneedling Pre-Treatment Care

How should you prepare for your microneedling treatment? Preparing for a microneedling session is easier than for many other aesthetic procedures.

Ensure Your Skin is Clear

The perfect state of your skin is the first thing you must understand about preparing for this procedure. Suppose you have an active skin illness or outbreak, such as cold sores, fever blisters, hives, allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, or active acne. In that case, you cannot receive this treatment. 

If your skin is not clear on the day of your appointment, you should postpone your treatment.

Avoid UV Damage

Try to limit exposure to UV rays during the week before your session. You should take several steps to protect your skin, including avoiding tanning beds. You can reduce your chance of sunburnt by using at least an SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapplying it every four hours.

By spending less time outside between 10 AM and 4 PM and donning a hat, you can also lessen the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Don’t Take NSAIDs

You should refrain from taking NSAIDs in the week preceding your treatment session. Internal bleeding is the cause of bruises, and NSAIDs thin the blood, increasing the risk of internal bleeding. Avoid using NSAIDs for seven days before your treatment session to reduce the chance of bruising; take acetaminophen for any pain, soreness, or discomfort.

Additionally, you must abstain from using other medications or dietary supplements that thin blood or could have a blood-thinning effect as a side effect. For instance, if your psychiatrist suggests you wait 72 hours before and several days after your session to take MAOIs, you should heed their advice.

Additionally, you should refrain from using dietary supplements, including vitamin E, fish oil, turmeric, and ginger.

Beware of Medications

One of the most popular acne treatments is called Accutane. Unfortunately, isotretinoin, its active component, is a retinoid. Ask your primary care doctor if you can stop taking this drug, and inquire about a substitute that won’t interfere with your microneedling treatment.

You should also avoid other medicines, such as most retinoid-containing topical acne treatments. Don’t consume oral vitamin A1 (retinol) pills, either.

No Makeup

Applying sunscreen, lotion, or makeup to the treatment area on the day of your treatment is not advised. If your face is the area you’re targeting, wash it with a mild facial cleanser before you arrive for your treatment.

Wash with a mild soap that won’t irritate your skin if you’re washing your body. The day of your treatment is not the time to try a new soap that contains ingredients to which you might be allergic or sensitive.

No Hair Removal Techniques Except Shaving

It’s okay to shave the treatment area a week before your appointment. Alternative hair removal techniques, such as electrolysis, hair removal creams, laser hair removal, or waxing, are not advised. These hair removal techniques increase skin sensitivity.

Plan to wait eight days following your session before using these hair removal techniques.

Reduce Skin Irritation

Avoid cosmetic procedures that irritate your skin for two weeks before your therapy appointment. IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy and laser procedures increase skin sensitivity.

You should steer clear of manual exfoliation, which could irritate your skin before treatment, and chemical peels are other cosmetic procedures. Chemical peels harm your skin and frequently contain vitamin A derivatives, so you should avoid them two weeks before treatment.

Microneedling Post-Treatment Care

A lot of the things you had to do before the microneedling treatment should continue after the procedure. These include the avoidance of NSAIDs, cosmetics, and UV damage.

Avoid Picking Your Skin

Your skin will appear dry and peel between three and five days after your treatment. You might be tempted to pick at the peeling skin or physically scrub it to “speed up” the peeling process. At best, it will make mending take longer.

In the worst-case scenario, picking at your skin while it’s peeling puts you at risk for an infection or an acne breakout since the oil produced by your fingertips might irritate the freshly treated skin on your face.

Skin Over-Moisturization is a No

Additionally, you should refrain from over-moisturizing your skin while it is naturally peeling. Your skin will take longer to peel if you over-moisturize it, and you’ll see your microneedling outcomes more slowly.

On the other hand of the same coin, your skin shouldn’t be severely dehydrated. Use a mild face moisturizer once a day to hydrate your skin, whether it is oily or average.

No Sweating

Try not to sweat for the first three days after your therapy. Avoid using saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and hot showers or baths. Avoid extreme workouts like intense spinning, swimming, heavy weightlifting, or indoor rowing.

Don’t Fight the Inflammation

The treatment region shouldn’t be exposed to ice, nor should it be used nearby. Ice will stop the skin’s natural inflammatory process, which is necessary for skin healing. For the same reason, you should refrain from using natural anti-inflammatory remedies like arnica and bromelain (derived from pineapples).

No Alcohol or Tobacco

Avoid using smoke and alcohol for seven days after your therapy. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates the body. Unfortunately, being very dehydrated will significantly impede your skin’s healing. Additionally, ingesting diuretics like alcohol has the negative consequence of flushing vital micronutrients from your body.

Nicotine is just one of the many chemicals included in tobacco products. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, most e-liquids, and smoking cessation aids like nicotine gum and patches are examples of things that will severely inhibit your skin’s recovery.

Consult Experts Before Microneedling

It is always best to consult professionals before getting any cosmetic treatment, including microneedling. If you have questions or concerns about microneedling, call TEN Salon & Med Spa at 970-669-4836 or email hello@tensalonandspa.com.

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