Cosmetic Lasers

Fractionated CO2 Laser-Fraxis Laser

Fractionated Laser Rejuvenation has been called the anti-aging breakthrough of the 21st Century. This highly effective procedure can correct mild to severe skin problems ranging from dark spots and acne scars to deep wrinkles and improve laxity. Ablative skin resurfacing can deliver dramatic results using the latest laser technologies and applications.

Lutronic Ultra Laser

Lutronic ULTRA™

This high-powered, low-downtime laser is dramatically different than traditional resurfacing lasers. Lutronic ULTRA™ rebuilds glowing, healthy skin through non-ablative fractionated treatments. Tunable from mild to aggressive and extremely cost-effective, Lutronic ULTRA offers customized outcomes with virtually no downtime for all patients, all year round.
Ultra can treat mild to moderate age spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation all while resurfacing the skin in as little as 30 minutes!


  • ULTRA is a 1927 nm wavelength laser which resurfaces the skin in the epidermis and dermis.
  • ULTRA targets water instead of pigment, resulting in a more even treatment. It is less likely to cause unintentional burns than IPL which targets pigment. Thus it is safe for all skin types.
  • ULTRA causes non-ablative, microscopic injuries which stimulates new collagen production, and has a fast recovery period. Patients can expect to have a "sandpaper" feeling to their skin. This is very normal and will return back to normal in about 5-6 days as the skin goes through its exfoliation process.

Lutronic ULTRA Glo™

ULTRA Glo is a gentle treatment that is performed with the Ultra Laser that warms the skin, brightens tone, and smooths texture. 

  • Improved tone and texture
  • Reduce pigment for brighter appearance of skin
  • Can be used on skin anywhere on the face/body
  • Low downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Safe for use all year round

Lutronic KERALASE™

KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™) is a hair and scalp treatment serum containing a unique and proprietary formulation. This one-of-a-kind topical serum contains five  bio-identical growth factors and two skin proteins, essential for scalp and hair health. Each highly concentrated peptide is individually wrapped in a nanoliposome carrier for enhanced absorption by the skin.

Key Benefits

  • KeraLase rejuvenates & revitalizes scalp to support hair health
  • Gentle, effective, and cost-effective treatments
  • Lutronic Ultra® enhances scalp microvasculature to complement KeraFactor® topical serum.


The primary areas treated include the face, neck, and chest.

You’ll see skin radiance the same day of treatment.

Your skin enhancements will last for at least seven days after treatment.

Yes. You may get mild redness that subsides within a few hours.

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