Guide to Treating Yourself to a Little “Me Time” in Colorado

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If you’re out and about in Colorado, there’s plenty to see and do to give yourself a little “me time” and invest in some self-care. Thanks to the gorgeous climate and thriving businesses, you can get outside and also do some shopping. When you’re ready to unwind and take it easy, schedule an appointment at TEN Salon & Spa to really pamper yourself.

Woman enjoying a hike

Go on a Hike

Whether you’re looking for an easy trail to stroll along or a steep incline to get your blood pumping, there are dozens of hiking trails along the Foothills and Poudre River to enjoy. There’s a ton of great scenery to take in, so don’t forget to take some photos to commemorate your experience.


Beer in a pint glass on a patio table

Visit a Local Brewery

Hiking is thirsty work, and what better way to relax those muscles than with a couple of beers at a local brewery? This is a great way to take in the local culture and try unique beer flavors that microbreweries like to experiment with. Many of these breweries have patio seating so you can continue to enjoy the fresh air. And if they don’t offer an in-house menu, expect to see a food truck or two whose fare pairs deliciously with your beverage.


Woman shopping for clothes

Shop the Outlets

Another way to get some “me time” in is to do a little shopping. There’s nothing like a fresh wardrobe to make you feel confident in yourself. In Colorado, there are several outlet stores that offer designer and brand name clothes for more affordable prices. This is a great way to stock up on stylish, high-quality clothing without breaking the bank.



Woman getting a microdermabrasion facial

Schedule a Spa Appointment

After all of that activity, it’s time to unwind and relax. Treat yourself to some rejuvenating treatments at a medical spa. At TEN Salon & Spa, we offer salon treatments like haircuts and extensions, spa treatments like facials and massage, a nail spa to get a manicure and pedicure, as well as a medical spa where you can turn back the clock with a variety of more intensive skin and body treatments.


Let Us Customize a Spa Plan for You

If you’re looking to schedule some “me time” in Colorado, there’s no better place to do it than at TEN Salon & Spa in Loveland. We offer a variety of services through our salon and professional, long-lasting treatments through our medical spa. We’re here to create a tailored treatment plan for you so you feel beautiful and confident. Reach out today to book.


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