Finding Your Perfect Bridal Team

Finding Your Perfect Bridal Team

It might not have been the simplest task to do, but you’ve certainly done it – you’ve finally found your bridal makeup artist and stylist! There are still a couple more things to do to make sure your are fully ready. Prepping your skin and hair, choosing your wedding day look.

In this blog, you will find bridal makeup tips about the top things every bride needs to know while looking for the Bridal Makeup Near Me in the periods and days leading up to her wedding.

Try all new products and makeup before your wedding day, not the day of

Don’t attempt anything new on your wedding day. For instance, if you’re intending on trying false eyelashes for your big day, do a trial-run with them a couple of times to ensure there isn’t a reaction to the glue. This will ensure you’re fully comfortable wearing them, and that you understand how to take them off carefully. Of course, your artist will help you with applying them and give you instructions on proper care and removal.

Keep in contact with your bridal team

Connect with  your makeup artist and bridal stylist in advance to talk about your goals and vision.

Skin: Speak to her about your skin concerns you may have, such as pigmentation, acne, dry skin, etc. Consulting your artist and asking advice will help with directing you to other specialists that can help with both skin and hair health before your wedding.

Pre-bridal treatments

Ask questions about which treatments you need to achieve glowing, hydrated skin. Having knowledge on what you are looking for in skincare will help with choosing which treatments are right for you. An at-home skincare regimen may also help with achieving this.

Address any skin concerns

While you should consider skincare with your makeup artist, having a good at-home skincare plan is great for maintaining healthy looking skin for your wedding day.  Booking an appointment for a facial with an esthetician is a great way to get many of your skincare questions answered.

Hiring a bridal team

If you are planning on having your bridal party, family, or friends that will also be getting their hair and makeup done, you may consider hiring a team to keep your appointments on time .By booking appointments in a bridal party with multiple providers, you are able to have a relaxing experience and everyone is being attended to.  In short, get a Bridal Makeup Package, like the ones available in TEN Salon and Spa.

Consider Your Wedding Season 

A bride-to-be should tailor their foundation and colors  to the details you will be in for your wedding. If it’s wintertime you will need a foundation that won’t look too flat or dry… if it’s summertime, you don’t need anything that makes you look glossy. Experts recommend priming the skin with a primer for lasting effects for summertime brides.

Last but not least!

Facials are the perfect start to the week of your wedding. The deeper exfoliation and hydrating products used in a facial provide a beautiful canvas for makeup to be applied. Always do a facial at least a week before a big event to ensure that if there is a reaction to any of the products, it will be cleared up by the event. Always keep in mind that flawless skin is the best potential portrait for your makeup.

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