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The human body is a fascinating thing. It’s one of the most complex and evolved systems in the world and is truly a modern-day miracle. One interesting aspect of the human body is fat and the role it can play in the body. Today’s blog at TEN Salon and Spa in Loveland is all about interesting facts about fat cells. Keep reading to learn more. And if you’d like to reduce the fat in a specific, stubborn area, ask us about CoolSculpting®!

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Fats Are Part of a Well-Balanced Diet

Did you know that fats are actually a part of a well-balanced diet? Many men and women try to actively avoid eating any fats whenever they can, but some fat is good for us! Fat helps your body absorb vitamin A, D, and E. These vitamins are fat-soluble, which means the only way your body can absorb the nutrition is with help from fats! However, there are different types of fats. Saturated fats are the type that you should avoid wherever possible.


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The Average Adult Can Have 25-75 Billion Fat Cells

There are trillions of cells in the human body. And of those trillions, there are sometimes as many as 75 billion fat cells in the human body. This number is obviously larger or smaller depending on if you are a healthy weight, overweight, or underweight. But, the average adult typically has 25 billion fat cells if they don’t have much fat on their body and an overweight adult may have as many as 75 billion. For perspective, if you were to stack just one billion pieces of paper, it would be over 83 feet tall. That means if your fat cells were to miraculously become the thickness of paper and stacked, it would be more than 2,500 feet high — nearly half a mile!



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Fat Cells Can Store Up To 100,000 Calories of Energy

Fat cells are an incredibly efficient method of storing energy. It’s been estimated that a typical adult can store upwards of 100,000 calories worth of energy in fat cells. With that amount of energy, you could run roughly 1,000 miles! This also helps to explain why it can be so difficult to burn fat through diet and exercise. You have to use quite a bit of energy to burn the calories in fat cells. If you’re looking for an easier way to remove fat cells without burning thousands of calories, try CoolSculpting® at TEN Salon and Spa in Loveland!


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Fat Cells Can Expand More Than 10 Times Their Normal Size

Fat cells are capable of expanding up to 12 times their normal size. Because of this, we often tell CoolSculpting® clients to try to maintain a healthy diet after their CoolSculpting® procedure. We don’t want our clients to overeat after CoolSculpting, have their fat cells swell up, and have it negate the fact that millions of fat cells are being permanently removed!


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While fat cells are interesting, they aren’t exactly desirable. Get quick, painless, and non-surgical fat removal with CoolSculpting® at TEN Salon and Spa today!

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